Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade Programme

 faif for life

         “Vinex Slavyantsi” SA is the first wine-producer in Europe and  Bulgaria to be certified under the Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade Programme on 17.07.2014 by “ECOCERT IMOswiss AG. The certification guarantees that the rights of the workers and employees are respected at all times during all stages of production and that the workers and employees have just, fair and safe work conditions. “Vinex Slavyantsi” SA has a long-term strategy for corporate responsibility and sustainable development. The company reports its influence on encouraging ethical consumption through adopting the Fair Trade policy thus helping the FFLSFTCP concept function. For more information on “ECOCERT IMOswiss AG" and Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade Programme visit the following web sites: and .

          Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade (social responsibility and fair trade) is a concept, a way of doing business, protecting the environment and the value system of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This certificate guarantees the consumers of fair trade products that their purchase helps the fair economic and social development, especially the development of society, education, infrastructure and environment protection projects. Fair trade is part of a trading network which aims to achieve better fairness in international trade based on communication, transparency and respect. This system helps social and economic development, both for the producers and the workers. The idea is that no one on the supply chain, from producers to consumers, loses out. For the workers, that means they are treated with dignity and respect, their salaries are paid, they have security and safety at the work place and their human rights are respected. They in turn provide a better life for their families, which affects positively the society they live in.

         The certificate is issued by an independent company from a third country after the evaluation of independent auditors of the social responsibility, fair trade and measures for protecting the environment of the certified company. “Vinex Slavyantsi” SA included the use of Fair Trade products within the process of their approval and in all future agreements with partners and contractors. The workers of “Vinex Slavyantsi” SA participate in the Fair Trade policy, which accounts for setting aside and sharing expenses for improving work conditions, as well as achieving a fair socially-oriented trade and activities within the community. Fair Trade products are affordable and their price is determined according to the price-forming policy, while accounting for expenses for social activities and projects. Some of the funds, which are supplementary to the product price, are deposited in a Premium fund with a separate bank account. A committee, elected by workers and working with them, decides how to use the social premium solely to achieve socially significant and responsible projects among the workers and the community. This programme guarantees that the certified products are strictly audited according to the fair trade standards.